Speech Language Therapy Job Description

• Safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people
• Plan, execute and monitor communication therapy programmes for individuals and small groups of pupils with special educational needs at a specialist level, targeted and universal level.
• Contribute to learning activities and teaching programmes for pupils with special educational needs.
• Monitor, assess, record and report on the impact of speech and language therapy programmes;
• Liaise with class co-ordinators, teaching assistants, assistants, or volunteers
• The speech and language therapist will be required to ensure pupils safety.
• Promote the inclusion, independence and self esteem of all pupils.
• Establish positive relationships with pupils, acting as a good role model.
• Liaise with other professionals, parents and carers outside the school
• Write EHCP, Assessment & Summary/Update reports
• Contribute towards inset days for other staff, where applicable.
• Follow therapeutic programmes linked to local and national learning strategies, such as literacy.
• Prepare, maintain and use equipment and resources and assist pupils in their learining.

Speech and Language Therapist Person Specification
•Show awareness of with all of Therapy Network Ltd speech language therapy job description
Undertake mandatory Training relating to child protection, confidentiality, data protection, health and safety and contractual particulars.
•Contribute to the overall ethos, aims and work of Therapy Network Ltd by establishing and supporting constructive professional relationships.
•Attend, represent staff you are responsible for, participate in and lead relevant meetings as required.
•Attend external peer supervision and service updates meetings
• The ability to work independently and to use initiative.
• High level of integrity and ability to handle confidential data sensitively and securely.
• Motivation to work with children and young people.
• The ability to relate well to and to form and maintain appropriate relationships with children, young people and adults
• The ability to maintain a consistent approach in line with policies and procedures
• The ability to work as part of a team with an understanding of staff roles and responsibilities within the school
• A strong sense of responsibility
• A calm manner with a positive attitude.
• A proactive rather than a reactive approach to situations and clinical feedback.
• Emotional resilience in working and the ability to work under stress.
• A high level of stamina (concentration, patience and tolerance are needed at all times in order to maintain discipline and safe practice across the school).
• Participate in training, other learning activities and professional development as required by RCSLT and HCPC.

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