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Therapy Network Ltd started in 2011 with a primary objective to promote the speech, language and communication development of children to their best potential, and to support parents/carers and educators in this process.

If you are a Teacher within London looking for speech and language therapy in schools, please visit the schools provider london page and if you are a parent looking for a private speech and language therapist to support your child’s needs please visit the speech language therapist london page.

For general inquires please Therapy Network Ltd via the contact page.



  • Ensure that children and young people get the best chance to develop speech, language and communication to their full, natural potential.
  • Ensure the skills they already have are working well for them, whilst developing the new skills they need.
  • Provide an assessment and intervention programme for the children attending who have communication difficulties.
  • Work within a collaborative framework in which Teachers and Therapists work together towards establishing aims for the development of children’s communication skills in order for work on communication to occur throughout the school day.
  • Liaise closely with Parents/ carers through provision of parent workshops and specific liaison regarding particular children.
  • Provide on-going INSET training for school staff regarding all aspects of communication and the relationship between children’s communication and their behaviour.
therapy network ltd


therapy network ltd

key activities

Our key activities operate at 3 levels and provide the foundations and support of the overall speech and language therapy service delivery. For more about these levels of intervention, see our speech and language therapy intervention page.





therapy network ltd

quality assurance


  • Speech therapists will be registered with the Health Professionals Council (HPC) and have accredited qualifications from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT). All speech and language therapists contracted by Therapy Network is subject to enhanced DBS checks.
  • The speech therapist will have access to appropriate training, supervision and support. Therapy Network SLT department and will attend 30hrs of CPD.  


  • Therapy Network Ltd will allocate a qualified, trained and state registered speech and language therapist to the school.

  • In the unlikely event of maternity leave or long term sickness, Therapy Network will endeavour to provide an alternative suitable private speech and language therapist from the team.