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Matthew Lawrence (MRCSLT, HCPC, BA, BSc, MSc) is the Director of Therapy Network Ltd. Working extensively over the last 10 years as a speech and language therapist with: St George’s Medical Hospital, Royal London Society for the Blind and various NHS trusts with children, adults and young offenders.  Taking post as a research assistant at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, contributing to various projects about the neurological basis of language function and receiving a citation in world-class journal Archives Italiennes de Biologie. Research underpins clinical practice, supporting teachers supporting students to the highest standards. He is now responsible for tendering and commissioning speech therapy services to the education sector across the country.

Before becoming a speech therapist, children’s television was the chosen profession. Researcher and script-writer for various children’s channels (MTV, CiTV, SMTV) also spending time with world-renowned music studio United Recording, Hollywood California. Experiences, which support making therapeutic content, fun and novel to learners.

Find out more about some of his previous research, media and whole school programmes; over on the speech therapy projects page.

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