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classroom speech and language therapy strategies

We understand that Teachers are being asked to meet the needs of a wide range of speech, language and communication needs in the classroom. Here IS Therapy Network’s top classroom speech and language therapy strategies. 



Strategies for Attention and Listening

  • Positioning sit any children with known learning needs 
  • Visual cues, gesture
  • Give the child target questions to answer after session or target words to listen out for
  • Use name or a familiar listening cue: “I’m going to give an instruction now….”
  • Allow time for shift of focus (from visual ->auditory) before giving instruction
  • Use `learning breaks’/ Brain Gym
  • Specific praise for child and task
  • Clear start and finish
  • Mat at carpet time to support skills.


Strategies to Support Understanding of Spoken Language

  • Break information given verbally into chunks, say less
  • Slow down, repeat before paraphrase
  • Visual clues to support auditory information eg. key words, pictures
  • Use visual aids such as flowcharts, cue cards, writing frames etc.
  • Use a visual timetable
  • Highlight key words (emphasise verbally)
  • Relate new information to information previously learnt
  • Allow children to complete one part of an instruction before giving the next part of the instruction.


Strategies for Spoken Language

  • Give time for child to respond – more than you think
  • Prompt- provide beginning of sentence that is the response to a question (e.g. “yes, this is for…” or what does it do?, where can you find this?
  • Give 2 or 3 alternatives (e.g. “Is it x or y (or z)?”)
  • Ask specific closed-ended questions which do not require a lengthy complex answer
  • Give a model for child to copy for sentence construction in either spoken or written form, which includes all the key elements-Subject Verb Object Adverb. The man eats the sandwich in the Park




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